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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Unbreakable Karma

i trust the words so tight and close
i gave my life to sworn yet crossed
And so my soul my mind and body
to stand the pain that'll hold by me

few months gone we live happily
but in a sudden moment i saw sadistically
a number that changed the world
the world of karma that we're living

to karma you gave happiness
when all the thought was stupid and lies
and so the us that human thought happy
unbreakable karma, a words wont perish

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Story of Murderer

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
Through scream you mother hanged
Your scent survive to orphanage
Madame Gulliard sold you to The Tanner
Her fortune and life shorten by the robbers

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
Your powerful scent meets a maiden
Chase her fragrance and den
Suffocated her to fill your lust
As for you her odour is lust

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

In Paris you meet Baldini
Perfume artist with little penny
He bought you with 50 francs
The Tanner happy and drown

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

You make thousand perfumes
Your desirable odour never loom
Left Baldini 100 formula and gone
His house collapsed he got none

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
In the city of Grasse you’re employed
Killed the co-worker for enfleurage
You failed and look for another
Killed the prostitute and success later

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
13 maiden killed for perfume
Desperate to look for whom?
Laura Richis complete the cast
A wonderful aroma at last

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
Through the perfume from the virgin scent
Executioner and crowd said you innocent
The mass and cardinal fall into orgy
Even Laura’s father beg to forgive

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
What were you thinking?
For the lust of perfume you sink
Druot was hanged after you left
Nothing to care just you under the leaf

Oh Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
They love your perfume not you
Cover your whole body with admirable perfume
They devour the sensational that loom
As the daybreak left nothing but your cloth and bottle of PERFUME….

Friday, 1 January 2010

Deadly sin of Pride

The rage that storm the wall of fate
a shameful act slain the trust
loyalty is nothing
it a trash that could be easily forgotten

The Queen sat on her throne
she desire jewelry, food, power
hunger for endless extravagant
what a shame what a vanity

Even a pig will bow
Rip Van smiles at his lazy follower
sleep like a baby even its the end of the world
don't you worry for a scissor hidden in your blanket

Oh what would Adonis do?
Rome and Greek will rebuilt their brothel
its a celebration, a feast, an incest
would you join the circus?

The answer of every desire lies on your mouth
lie when you are already consume a barrel
eat eat eat eat the food
the Devil smile how foolish are these human

Take a look at the crown
would you kill to touch the magnificent?
Slay those have touch the crown
take the crown from your sinful hands

Tragedy of the devil puppet
dance through the rhytm of human pride
never to care the sweat and blood
the temporary face that you proud of

Doomed to be a victim
fate to be a slave
curse to be worthless
death was near but he keep let me go


I hate you motherfucker

Monday, 5 October 2009

unknown moment

in the dark dread there was a moment
that fade and lost through time went by
a scene of mortal with angel he kissed
a dreadful kiss that changed his life forever

as year go by he suffer the consequences
living in the cage like a bird can't fly
freedom and happy the angel took it away
and he fall before he can make it

a feeling for a time that elapsed every second
a sense of heart that he lost forever
would he be safe and sound?
sanctum melancholic he has to pay

brightness and shiny he was used to be
walking on the god's land as far as he can do
now hidden in the cage of angel's do
breathless with no soul in agony
he pay the price like he should be.

a sin for the sinner

For the moonlight spark my eyes
there's a vision that i've denied
a chilling moment that i sober
therefore i fall through the hover

where poisonous lips spoke to the damned
a bittersweet tounge stuck to the sin
neverending words and sword he sworn
to venus, he begged and long

it happen over and over unstoppable
untill tired control he looks so pale
with lullaby singing along the journey
a sweet fucking talk stuck in the artery

a sorry with chapter untaceable
known only to hate for premiere
neverending the story begin
that's it, a sin for the sinner

Finch - Letters To You

Can't you see that I wanna be there with open arms
It's empty tonight and I'm all alone
Get me through this one

Do you notice I'm gone?
Where do you run to so far away?

I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so
I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so

I'm writing again these letters to you aren't much, I know
But I'm not sleeping and you're not here
The thought stops my heart

Do you notice I'm gone?
Where do you run to so far away?

I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so

No more looking I've found home

I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so

I'm gone away
I'm gone away